A message from our Rush Chairs

It wasn’t that long ago that we were rushing AKPsi. We remember wondering if our attire was professional, if we were too enthusiastic or not enthusiastic enough, and the hundred other things running through our minds. Trust us when we say we know it can be daunting to rush a business fraternity. That is why we are here to help and to answer all your questions. We are incredibly excited to share our experiences with you and see what new perspectives and personalities you may bring to this amazing brotherhood! Feel free to reach out to us at any point at jhuakpsirush@gmail.com.

-Alice He & Gabe Villasana, Fall ‘18 Recruitment Chairs

Fall 2018 Recruitment Schedule

Meet the Brothers

7pm - 8:30pm @ Brody Terrace
Dress Code: Casual

Attend Meet the Brothers and get a chance to meet all the amazing brothers of Alpha Kappa Psi! We will be providing pizza and refreshments and are excited to learn more about you!

Information Session

7pm - 8:30pm @ Charles Commons Salon A
Dress Code: Business Casual

How does the recruitment process work? What are pledge education projects? What does being a brother of AKPsi entail? Our information sessions will give you a chance to ask any questions you have about the fraternity. You will also be able to talk to our project chairs and make meaningful connections!

Social Night

7pm - 8:30pm @ Charles Commons Kitchen
Dress Code: Casual

Wear comfortable clothes and tennis shoes! Get ready to have fun playing team building activities and games with our brothers!

Professional Night

Invite Only
Dress Code: Business Professional

Frequently Asked Questions

What is AKPsi? Why should I join?

Founded in 1904 at NYU, Alpha Kappa Psi is the largest and oldest professional co-ed business fraternity. We have an extensive network of alumni, and members are able to land opportunities at some of the most profitable companies in the world. We prepare our brothers for a life of success.

Is there a major requirement to rush AKPsi?

No. It is necessary to know how to interview well and behave with professionalism in the workplace no matter what industry you enter. During the new member process in AKPsi, you will learn skills such as crafting your own resume, presenting yourself in networking settings, preparing for interviews, organization skills, and public speaking.

What is the pledge process?

During the pledging process you will complete an academic project in Finance, Consulting, Entrepreneurship, or Marketing. You will also have the opportunity to develop brotherhood through relationships with fellow new members and with brothers of the fraternity.

Who do I contact if I cannot make a rush event?

If you cannot make one of the events, please speak to one of the recruitment chairs in person and by email at jhuakpsirush@gmail.com. We only have a week to meet you, so try your best to attend all events!

What are the Pledge Projects?

The Pledge Projects give our new members a unique opportunity to gain valuable insight in one of the four areas of business: finance, consulting, entrepreneurship, and marketing. Lead by experienced brothers, the projects teach you necessary professional skills such as time management, public speaking, organizational skills, and communication.

Where are some of our alumni?

Our alumni network at Hopkins is diverse in both location and field. Our brothers have started their own health care companies, enrolled in graduate schools such as Harvard Medical School and Wharton Business School, and accepted offers at places such as Bain & Co, Bridgewater Associates, JP Morgan, McKinsey & Co, Morgan Stanley, Pandora, and Facebook.